Table 3

Deaths after the start of the procedure. The details relevant to the deaths of all patients registered with EBMT for haemopoietic stem cell transplantation in systemic sclerosis. The deaths are categorised by the relation to the procedure. In patients who died after the mobilisation regimen, but before conditioning, the survival time is listed as 0 days. Otherwise, the transplant date is taken as day 0

Sex Age Graft Priming Conditioning Purge Disease pattern Organ involvement Survival (days) Cause of death
Procedure related deaths
M33.6NT3-150 Cy 3-150+ G-CSF3-150 NoneNoneDiffuseL3-150, O3-150 0Sudden cardiac death, coronary atherosclerosis at necropsy
F50.1NTCy +G-CSFNoneNoneLimitedL, PAH3-150 0Neutropenic fever, pneumonia, cardiac failure
F38.0NTCy +G-CSFNoneNoneDiffuseL, O0Thrombocytopenia, pulmonary haemorrhage, myocarditis?
F18.9ASCT3-150 G-CSFCy +ATG3-150 NoneDiffuseL11Diffuse alveolar haemorrhage
F41.0ASCTG-CSFCy +ATG + TBI3-150 CD34DiffuseL, O28Interstitial pneumonitis
M47.2ASCTCy +G-CSFCyNA3-150 DiffuseL, GI3-150, R3-150 40Central nervous system bleed
F57.3ASCTG-CSFCy +ATG + TBICD34DiffuseL, GI79Interstitial pneumonitis
Disease related deaths
M45.1NTCy +G-CSFNoneNoneDiffuseL, O, PAH0Disease progression
F54.1ASCTCy +G-CSFBCNU3-150, thiotepa, fludarabineCD34DiffuseL, O, PAH217Pulmonary hypertension
F38.1ASCTCy +G-CSFCyCD34 + CAMPATHDiffuseL, O242Disease progression
F42.0ASCTCy +G-CSFCyCD34 + CAMPATHDiffuseA3-150 527Superior vena cava obstruction
Disease progression
  • 3-150 NT = not transplanted; ASCT = autologous stem cell transplant; Cy = cyclophosphamide; G-CSF = granulocyte colony stimulating factor; ATG = anti-thymocyte globulin; TBI = total body irradiation; BCNU = 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (carmustine); NA = data not available. Organ involvement: L = lung; O = oesophageal; PAH = pulmonary hypertension; GI = gastrointestinal; R = renal; A = arthropathy.