Table 7

Important disability items spontaneously generated by patients (n=25)

Category (No of citations) Items
Mobility (12)Walk, shop, stairs (4), get out of bed, get out of chair (2), reach up (2), drive car7-150
Housework (10)Housework (5), clean windows, hang curtains, iron, vacuum, make bed
Cooking/preparing food (10)Open tins (7), prepare vegetables,7-150 cook,7-150 lift kettle,7-150
Leisure activities (8)Gardening, play guitar,7-150 country walking (2)7-150 carpentry,7-150 get out,7-150 hobbies,7-150 leisure activities7-150
Personal care (7)Wash, dress (3), bath, do up buttons, clean teeth7-150
Childcare (3)Childcare (3)7-150
Fine movements (3)Turn taps (2), turn cooker knob7-150
Work/role (1)Work7-150
  • 7-150 Not on HAQ.