Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the cohort of patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc). The data are derived from the cohort of patients with SSc registered with EBMT for stem cell or bone marrow transplant. All patients with a minimum of three months' follow up data or who had died were included. In patients of disease duration >3 years, haemopoietic stem cell transplantation was performed owing to involvement of the vital organs   Table 1(A) Basic demographic data and the duration of follow up  

Demographic characteristic Cohort data
Total patient number41
Age (years), median (range)41 (11.5–58.1)
Sex (F:M)34:7
Disease pattern37 diffuse:4 limited
Disease duration (months), median (range)29 (2–158)
Duration of follow up (months), median (range)12 (3–55)
Table 1(B) Disease severity criteria for this group of patients
Disease severity criterion No/No evaluable* %
Skin score >50% maximum 20/3361
Skin score % of maximum, median (range)56.9 (21–92)
FVC <70% of body mass related mean18/3650
Tlco <70% of body mass related mean23/3566
Creatinine clearance
 <100 ml/min13/2748
 <70 ml/min1/27 4
Scl-70 antibody (DNA topoisomerase I)18/3256
Anticentromere antibody3/3110
*Number of patients in whom data were available to the EBMT/EULAR registry.
Assessed in patients with diffuse SSc only. FVC = forced vital capacity; Tlco = carbon monoxide transfer factor.
Table 1(C) Numbers in the cohort with organ involvement (as described by the contributing doctor) in those patients for whom the data were available
Organ involvement No/No evaluable patients %
Pulmonary hypertension7/3719
Arterial hypertension3/37 8
Raynaud's phenomenon37/4093