Table 1

Incidence of reactive arthritis (ReA) among children (<16 years) and adults (⩾16 years) following Salmonella infection: summary of epidemiological studies

Total number of children infected1-159 Total number of adults infected1-159 Children with ReA/joint complaints (%)1-153 Adults with ReA/joint complaints (%)1-153 Reference
3303.9Hakanssonet al (1975)6
2061-154 2121-154 0.53.3Eastmond (1983)3
2607.3Inman et al(1988)7
837.2Thomsonet al (1992)8
11315Locht et al(1993)9
8413.1Thomsonet al (1994)10
155912.613.2Mattila et al (1994)1
4116.6Thomsonet al (1995)11
321141-150 Samuel et al (1995)12
 381538.012Mattilaet al (1998)4
2862.11-160 Present study
  • 1-159 Where possible, the number of infected and subsequently assessed persons is given.

  • 1-153 The definition of ReA varies according to the authors' opinion.

  • 1-154 The precise number of children and adults is not given in the publication (total n=418) and had to be calculated from a figure.3

  • 1-150 Incidence as estimated by the authors.12

  • 1-160 No case of arthritis was seen, all children had arthralgia only.