Table 2

Summaries of logistic regression analysis of baseline variables to predict severely progressive joint damage (Sharp/van der Heijde) at one year

Criterion predictor (n=114) Coefficient (β) Standard error Odds ratio (exp β) 95% CI Multiple R2
Joint damage at entry0. to 1.12
CRP2-150high/low1.280.433.591.53 to 8.39
IgM RF2-150positivity0.950.432.581.11 to 5.97
Variables not in the equation Score p Value
Disease duration2.010.16
DAS2-150 1.080.29
Female sex2.590.11
No of tender joints0.370.54
No of swollen joints0.020.89
HAQ2-150 0.430.51
  • 2-150 CRP = C reactive protein; RF = rheumatoid factor; ESR = erythrocyte sedimentation rate; DAS = disease activity score; HAQ = Health Assessment Questionnaire.