Table 1

Levels of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR; normal range 0–10 mm/1st h)), C reactive protein (CRP; normal range 0–5 mg/l), haemoglobin (Hb; normal range 140–180 g/l), cyclosporin (CsA; trough blood range 100–240 ng/ml, according to Actis et al7), and creatinine (Creat; normal range 50-110 μmol/l) before and during cyclosporin treatment (indicated in months)

Variable −4 −1 +1 +2 +7 +10 +11 +16 +19 +20
ESR (mm/1st h)53746733653650265221
CRP (mg/l)381224978741751110
Hb (g/l)140139130153153150
CsA (ng/ml)16320777180170266180174
Creat (μmol/l)90100100110100100100120130110
  • 1-150 Disease activity (expressed by ESR and CRP) fluctuates around high levels four and one month before the beginning of CsA treatment. A >50% reduction in ESR and CRP is achieved after two months of CsA treatment. A recrudescence occurs at seven months concurrently with a CsA concentration <100; disease activity fluctuates thereafter, but is substantially controlled at 20 months. The mild inflammation associated anaemia disappears as the patient gains up to 2 g Hb. The creatinine concentrations tended to increase over time, reached a peak of >33% of baseline at 19 months, but normalised spontaneously on the following determination . An initial daily prednisone dose of 25 mg was tapered off before seven months.