Table 4

Health services use of the outpatients in the database

1stvisit to rheumatologist within 1st year of disease (% of all patients seen in 1998) Mean (median) disease duration at 1st visit to a rheumatologist in months (all patients) Percentage of newly referred patients (<3 months before registration)
Rheumatoid arthritis, RF+63.320.2  (9)17.9
Rheumatoid arthritis, RF−65.020.6 (8)24.6
Ankylosing spondylitis38.561.8 (34)32.7
Other seroneg. spondyloarthropathy49.941.2 (13)35.3
Psoriatic arthritis55.228.7 (12)29.5
Reactive arthritis77.88.6 (3)65.4
Other arthritides66.219.4 (6)52.7
SLE66.318.0 (6)18.3
Scleroderma56.330.4 (12)28.8
Sjögren's syndrome56.433.0 (12)18.2
Other connective tissue diseases60.918.8 (8)31.4
Polymyalgia rheumatica84.45.9 (3)35.0
Other vasculitides70.714.4 (4)29.8
Total62.623.0 (9)27.7