Table 3

Secondary outcome measures: improvements and differences between intervention groups3-150

  • 3-150 Analyses are adjusted for baseline differences (fear avoidance beliefs towards physical activity, use of paracetamol, use of NSAIDs) and baseline score on specific outcome parameter.

  • 3-151 For drug use follow up scores are presented; percentage of patients taking drugs.

  • 3-152 Results on an eight point scale are dichotomised as improved (completely recovered, very much improved, and much improved) and not improved (slightly improved, not changed, slightly worsened, much worsened, and vastly worsened).

  • 3-153 Not assessed at 24 week follow up.

  • 3-154 Results are dichotomised as improved (increase in physical activity level, change = 1 min/week) versus not improved (stabilisation or decrease in physical activity, change = 0 min/week).