Table 4

Presence of characteristic sialometrical profiles in SS positive patients (groups A and B: primary and secondary Sjögren's syndrome, respectively) and SS negative patients (group C)

A (n=33) B (n=25) C (n=42)
SS related profiles
 1. Normal SM/SL and parotid flow rates with changed composition6  (18)5 (20)0
 2. Low stimulated SM/SL flow rate with normal parotid flow rate5 (15)6 (24)1 (2)
 3. Extremely low stimulated SM/SL flow rate3 (9)4 (16)0
 4. Extremely low stimulated SM/SL and parotid flow rates10 (30)4 (16)1 (2)
 5. Low unstimulated with normal stimulated SM/SL and parotid flow rates4 (12)2 (8)9 (21)
  • Values are number of patients (percentage) within the group for whom the profile applies.

  • SM/SL, Submandibular/sublingual.