Table 3

Prevalence of knee pain and disability in older adults

Study location Sample Case definition Overall prevalence estimate (%)
Bristol, England19 M + F aged over 55 registered at one general practice (n=2102)Knee pain + HAQ3-151>0153-150
 (“any disability”)
North Yorks, England32 M + F aged 55+ resident in N Yorks Health Authority (n=16 191)Knee pain causing problems for more than 6 weeks in the past 3 months8
Knee pain + Lequesne >141.6
 (“extremely severe pain and disability”)
Knee pain + Lequesne >200.4
 (“extreme pain and disability”)
Nottingham, England20 M + F aged 40–79 registered at two general practices (n=4057)Knee pain + SF-36 physical function scale in lowest tertile for total population14
Tameside, England21 M + F aged 45+ registered at three general practices (n=4349)Knee pain + MHAQ3-151 >015
 (“some disability”)
  • 3-150 Calculated using approximate figures from graphic display of data.

  • 3-151 HAQ = Health Assessment Questionnaire; MHAQ = modified HAQ.