Table 2

Correlation coefficients between HAQ score and clinical and laboratory variables at entry and after one year

Possible predictors at entry HAQ - entry (n=133) HAQ - 1 year (n=111)
Duration of complaints−0.03−0.02
Duration of morning stiffness0.332-165 0.18
Presence of nodules0.020.10
Presence of erosions−0.04−0.17
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate0.372-165 0.292-160
C reactive protein0.492-165 0.212-160
IgM RF titre0.192-150 0.07
Disease Activity Score (DAS)0.592-165 0.442-165
Patient's pain (VAS)0.512-165 0.422-165
Physician's Global Assessment (VAS)0.402-165 0.19
Depressive mood (AIMS)0.392-165 0.282-160
Anxiety (AIMS)0.302-160 0.19
Education level−0.02−0.10
Employment status0.150.08
HAQ score entry0.672-165
  • 2-150 p<0.05;

  • 2-160 p<0.01;

  • 2-165 p<0.001.