Table 2

Quantification of cytokine production in biopsy specimens obtained arthroscopically from synovial villi of patients with rheumatoid arthritis with a disease duration of up to 18 months

Patient number Biopsy site IL1α2-150 IL1β2-150 IL62-150 TNFα2-150 Control CD3 CD68
RA-3Villous31.8< 3.16.8
RA-4Villous4.88.9<0.2<0.20.5 6.917.0
RA-5Villous5.611.8<0.2<0.20.7 8.812.7
RA-6Villous<0.2<0.2<0.2<0.20.9 3.211.1
RA-7CPJ2-150 3.658.6< 2.74.8
RA-8Villous1.331.0< 6.611.3
RA-8CPJ2.721. 5.913.4
RA-9Villous5.310. 5.322.6
RA-9CPJ3.<0.2 1.522.5
RA-10CPJ8.810. 6.816.1
RA-11Villous4.5<0.2<0.2<0.2<0.2 0.56.9
RA-11CPJ25. 1.413.0
RA-12Villous15.50.5<0.20.7<0.2 3.518.1
RA-12CPJ33. 1.722.1
RA-13Villous18.91.2<0.20.7<0.2 2.029.8
RA-13CPJ12.71.4<0.20.7<0.2 3.327.5
RA-14CPJ1.421.26.311.71.8 4.112.4
RA-15Villous15.81.8<0.28.5<0.2 5.331.9
RA-15CPJ42.27.8<0.211.4<0.2 5.029.3
  • 2-150 IL1α = interleukin 1α; IL1β = interleukin 1β; IL6 = interleukin 6; TNFα = tumour necrosis factor α; CPJ = cartilage-pannus junction.

  • Cytokine data represent the area occupied by the staining for each cytokine expressed as percentage of the total section area. TNFα was significantly more expressed in pannus tissue than in villous formation of a given joint as judged by the Wilcoxon sign rank test for matched pairs (p=0.02). No such corresponding differences could be shown for IL1α, IL1β, or IL6 (p>0.05). The size of each tissue section ranged from 2 to 15 mm2.