Table 1

Joint pathology after neutralisation of endogenous IL12

Days of arthritis Treatment Cell influx
synovial tissue
Cell influx
joint cavity
Matrix PG depletion
Day 2Control (Igs)0.8 (0.2)1.8 (0.4)1.0 (0.2)
Day 2Anti-IL120.4 (0.3)0.7 (0.3)* 0.9 (0.3)
Day 4Control (Igs)1.3 (0.3)1.9 (0.4)1.7 (0.4)
Day 4Anti-IL121.0 (0.3)0.6 (0.3)* 1.2 (0.3)
  • Mice were given an intraperitoneal injection injected with either rat Igs (0.5 mg) or anti-IL12 (0.5 mg) two hours before induction of an unilateral arthritis by intra-articular injection of 25 μg SCW fragments into the right knee joint. Histology was taken at days 2 and 4 of SCW arthritis and performed as described in Methods. Data represent the mean (SD) of two identical experiments, each experiment consisted of at least seven mice per group. *p<0.05, Mann-Whitney U test compared with control.