Table 2

Adjusted2-150 odds ratio (with 95% confidence interval (CI)) of rheumatoid factor (RF) positivity (sensitised sheep cell agglutination titre ⩾128) for different factors

Factor Unit or category Number of subjects examined Number of RF positive cases Odds ratio 95% CI p Value2-151
Consumption of coffeeFor each SD, 2.8 cups6809691.240.97 to 1.580.09
AgeFor each SD, 14.1 years6809691.411.09 to 1.830.01
Women3677321.310.75 to 2.280.34
Serum LDL cholesterol2-152 For each SD, 1.2 mmol/l6809691.281.04 to 1.590.03
SmokingNever smoked3789211.00
Quit1414182.781.36 to 5.69
Cigars, pipe or0.0003
<20 Cigarettes/day1004204.322.19 to 8.54
⩾20 Cigarettes/day602103.771.57 to 9.04
  • 2-150 All variables in the table were included in the logistic regression model.

  • 2-151 Likelihood ratio test for linear trend (continuous variables) or for heterogeneity (groups of categorised variables).

  • 2-152 LDL cholesterol = low density lipoprotein cholesterol.