Table 2

Expression of activation and costimulatory molecules on PB CD40Lhigh+ and CD40Llow+ CD4+ T cells in RA

  • Percentage of PB CD4+ T cells expressing the activation antigens CD69, CD25, HLA-DR and the costimulatory molecules CD27 and CD28 are shown. The percentage of PB CD4+ T cells lacking the expression of CD28 (CD28-) and CD27 (CD27-) are listed, too. Medians and 25% and 75% percentile ranks (in parentheses) are given. Statistical significance between groups (healthy controls (HC), RA CD40Lhigh+ and RA CD40Llow+ patients) was determined by Mann-Whitney rank sum test. p Values >0.05 were considered to be not statistically significant (NS).