Table 3

Comparison of the patients according to the activity and chronicity of sacroiliitis

MRI grading Classified as group Number Disease duration (y) (mean (SD)) Inflammatory cells/10 mm2 (mean (SD)) p Value
enhancement 30–70%A85.6 (3.3)6.0 (5.6)NS
enhancement >70%B124.7 (5.8)21.8 (17.3)0.053-150
chronic changes ⩽ grade III92.5 (2.9) 26.7 (20.1)0.043-150
chronic changes > grade IIII137.3 (4.8) 5.3 (5.2)NS
  • 3-150 For the comparison of relative proportions of inflammatory cells. The difference in disease duration between grade 1 and grade 2 was significant (p=0.02).