Table 1

Features of related cases with coincidence of sarcoidosis and vasculitis

Features Watson et al6 Rose et al10 Taieb et al13 Kerr et al(1)4 Kerr et al(2)4 Schapiro et al12 Ahuja et al9 Our case
Classification of vasculitisSee belowAortitis presumably due to sarcoidosisTA1-150 TATATAWegener's granulomatosisTA
Vasculitic manifestationMicroscopic polyangiitis of kidneyLeft subclavian and both carotid arteriesAortic archMain branches of aortic archSubclavian steal syndromeAortic bifurcation both subclavian arteriesWegener's granulomatosisAortic root
Presenting symptomsNausea fatigueSyncopeHeadache, hypertensionPolyarthritis, uveitisUveitis, hilar adenopathyArteritis claudication, stenocardiaNausea, fever, pleuritisHeart failure
Time lag between diagnosis of sarcoidosis and vasculitis20 years8 years2 years9 years02 years5 months17 years
Age at manifestation of vasculitis5011111332423932
TreatmentNSAIDs1-150, GlucocorticoidGlucocorticoidAnti-hypertensive agentsn.r.n.r.Glucocorticoid, cyclophosphamideIV cyclo- phosphamide, glucocorticoidSurgery
  • 1-150 NSAIDs = non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; TA = Takayasu's arteritis; n.r. = not reported.