Table 2

Effects of cytokine agonists and antagonists in murine lupus

Strain Treatment Disease outcome References
(NZB X W)F1 rIL1More severe 63
MRL-lpr rIL1RBeneficial 93
MRL-lpr rIL1R antagonistNo effect 94
(NZB X W)F1 human rIL2 high and low dosesNo effect 20
(NZB X W)F1 Anti-IL2R mAbBeneficial 21
MRL-lpr Vaccinia virus IL2 constructBeneficial 17
MRL-lpr S typhimurium with IL2 geneBeneficial 18
MRL-lpr IL2 expression vector injected IMMore severe 19
(NZB X W)F1 Anti-IL4 mAbBeneficial 44
(NZB X W)F1 Anti-IL4 mAb + Anti-ILl2 mAbNo effect 44
(NZB X W)F1 rIL6More severe 49
(NZB X W)F1 Anti-IL6 mAbBeneficial 50
MRL-lpr Anti-IL6R mAbBeneficial 51
(NZB X W)F1 Anti-IL10 mAbBeneficial 54
(NZB X W)F1 Anti-IL10 mAb + Anti-TNFα mAbNo effect 54
(NZB X W)F1 rIL10More severe 54
(NZB X W)F1 AS101 (IL10 inhibiting immunomodulator)Beneficial 55
MRL-lpr rIL12More severe 41
(NZB X W)F1 Anti-IL12 mAbReduced anti-DNA, no effect on GN 44
(NZB X W)F1 rIFNyMore severe 31
(NZB X W)F1 Anti-IFNγ mAbBeneficial 31
(NZB X W)F1 sIFNγRBeneficial 32
(NZB X W)F1 rTNFα low dose (2 mo)No effect 63
(NZB X W)F1 rTNFα low dose (4 mo)More severe 63
(NZB X W)F1 rTNFα intermediate dose (4 mo)No effect 63
(NZB X W)F1 rTNFα high dose administered earlyBeneficial 58, 73, 74
(NZB X W)F1 rTNFα high dose administered lateNo effect 58, 73
MRL-lpr Anti-TNFα mAbBeneficial 75
MRL-lpr Transcriptional inhibitor of TNFαBeneficial 79
MRL-lpr Anti-TGFß mAbBeneficial 97
MRL-lpr S typhimurium with TGFß geneNo effect 18
MRL-lpr TGF-ß expression vector injected IMBeneficial 19