Table 4

Disease activity, treatment and outcome of our patients with SLE and TM

Patient SLAM Score Treatment Follow up Outcome
115iv MP plasmapheresis
iv CP
3 yearsParaplegia
27iv MP plasmapheresis
iv CP
6 yearsParaplegia
310iv MP, iv CP7 yearsImproved R LE paresis
46iv MP4 yearsImproved, paresthesias
523iv MP plasmapheresis
iv CP
5 yearsParaplegia
69iv MP, iv CP13 yearsParesthesias, sensory loss
712iv MP9 yearsParaplegia
83iv MP plasmapheresis
iv CP
6 yearsParesthesias, paraparesis
93iv MP14 yearsRecovered
1012iv MP22 yearsParaplegia
1114iv MP, iv CP10 yearsParaparesis, neurogenic bladder
1212iv MP, iv CP2 yearsParaparesis, neurogenic bladder
138iv MP, iv CP1 yearParaplegic
1412iv MP6 monthsImproved, sensory loss