Table 2

Clinical features of our patients

Patient Age/symptoms Duration of SLE Other neurological symptoms Other clinical features
167 years/paraplegia5 yearsDepressionArthritis, nephritis, lymphopenia
252 years/pain, urinary retention0 yearsDepressionRaynaud's
349 years/paresthesias, R LE paresis2 yearsNoneArthritis, nephritis
441 years/paresthesias, L LE paresis0 yearsOptic neuritisOral ulcers, arthritis
536 years/paraparesis0 yearsOptic neuritisFatigue, rash, nephritis
623 years/paresthesias, L LE paresis0 yearsPseudotumour cerebriAlopecia, arthritis, thrombocytopenia
758 years/paresthesias21 yearsNoneWeight loss, arthritis
857 years/paresthesias, paraparesis11 yearsNoneNA
923 years/paresthesias4 yearsNoneNephritis
1027 years/paresthesias, paraparesis2 yearsOptic neuritis, seizuresNephritis, pregnancy loss
1125 years/paraparesis2 yearsPsychosis, CVARash, arthritis
1277 years/paraparesis0 yearsRetinal artery occlusionDVT
1349 years/paraparesis0 yearsNoneArthritis
1426 years/paresthesias0 yearsNoneArthritis