Table 1

Echographic and echo Doppler indices (mean (SD)) of right and left systolic and diastolic function in 77 SSc patients and 36 controls

Patients (n=77) Controls (n=36) p Value
FAS (%)40.3 (3.8)41.2 (2.5)NS
Tr peakE (cm/s)41.4 (14.1)45.1 (8.5)NS
Tr peakA (cm/s)37.9 (15.2)36.5 (9.7)NS
Tr E/A1.2 (0.4)1.2 (0.2)NS
Tr DT (ms)190.5 (37.0)185.3 (14.1)NS
LVEF (%)59.9 (4.0)60.0 (3.6)NS
Mit peakE (cm/s)65.7 (17.0)70.0 (8.5)NS
Mit peakA (cm/s)57.7 (17.4)46.6 (8.8)<0.05
Mit E/A1.2 (0.5)1.5 (0.1)<0.05
Mit DT (ms)172.4 (28.7)159.4 (10.0)<0.05
LV-IVRT (ms)78.5 (1.3)59.3 (0.9)<0.001
  • FAS = per cent fractional area shortening of the right ventricle; Tr peak E = tricuspidal peak early inflow velocity; Tr peak A = tricuspidal late velocity; Tr E/A = tricuspidal E/A ratio; Tr DT = tricuspidal deceleration time; LVEF = left ventricular ejection fraction; Mit peak E = mitral peak early inflow velocity; Mit peak A = mitral flow late velocity; Mit E/A = mitral E/A ratio; Mit DT = mitral deceleration time; LV-IVRT = left ventricle isovolumic relaxation time.