Table 2

Comparison of certain haemodynamic variables in primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS) patients and controls recorded during the blood flow examinations

Group SBFfinal,carbachol/ SBFbasal,carbachol SBFfinal,saline/ SBFbasal,saline dSBF dCVR Mean RR (msec) Mean SBP (mm Hg) Mean MBP (mm Hg) Mean DBP (mm Hg)
SS patients1.89 (1.05)* 0.94 (0.29)2.07 (1.12) 0.64 (0.32) 827.9 (109.6)132.4 (22.0)95.9 (16.5)76.3 (14.9)
Controls2.72 (1.27)0.86 (0.19)3.30 (1.79)0.38 (0.17)797.0 (117.3)128.6 (14.9)93.8 (9.8)74.9 (7.5)
  • Data shown as mean (SD). SBF: skin blood flow; CVR: cutaneous vascular resistance; RR: RR interval on ECG; SBP: systolic arterial blood pressure; MBP: mean arterial blood pressure; DBP: diastolic arterial blood pressure. SBF and CVR values are in arbitrary units. For the calculation of dSBF and dCVR, see the text (Methods section).*p=0.048, p=0.019, p=0.013.