Table 1

Clinical details of 50 patients and controls with specific reference to factors known to affect lipids

Factor Patient Control
Mean age (years, range)44.8 (20–72)44.8 (20–72)
Sex (M/F)21/2921/29
Mean body mass index (SD)25.8 (5.6)24.6 (4.7)
PASI1-150 score (mean, range)3.3 (0–8.7)0
Subgroup of joint disease (number of patients)
History of gout04
Topical dovanex10
NSAIDs1-150 480
Oral contraceptive05
Hormone replacement therapy07
Antihypertensive drugs
 β Blockers11
  • No patient or control had concurrent infection, malignancy, ischaemic heart disease, liver disease or was taking corticosteroids or retinoids.

  • 1-150 PASI = psoriasis area and severity index; NSAIDs = non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.