Table 1

Recurrence risk of ankylosing spondylitis in different degrees of probands of affected subjects

Study Relationship MZ twins Siblings Parent-child First degree Second degree Third degree
de Blécourt18 Number affected2452987
Number studied401191592834997
Recurrence risk (%)
Brown5 Number affected644
Number studied83232
Recurrence risk (%)7512.512.5
Calin11 Number affected36332363
Number studied42982754298
Recurrence risk (%)8.411.68.4
Carter19 Number affected1010
Number studied169169
Recurrence risk (%)5.95.9
Emery20 Number affected100
Number studied244
Recurrence risk (%)5000
Jarvinen21 Number affected333
Number studied62020
Recurrence risk (%)501515
Moesman20 Number affected7
Number studied11
Recurrence risk (%)63.6
TotalNumber affected174043744187
Number studied2749244665390834997
Recurrence risk (%)
(95% CI)(42 to 81)(7.4 to 9.0)(5.6 to 10.7)(7.4 to 8.9)(0.2 to 1.7)(0.1 to 1.4)
Recurrence risk ratio630827982107