Table 1

Predefined inclusion criteria

1Age over 50.
2Erythrocyte sedimentation rate above 40 mm 1st h by the Westergren method.
3Clinical response within 72 hours to corticosteroid treatment (disappearance of fever or pain).
4Positive temporal artery biopsy.
Temporal arteritis signs
5Clinically abnormal temporal artery (tenderness, swelling, redness, nodular artery).
Temporal arteritis symptoms
6Visual disturbances (blindness, diplopia, blurred vision) including those occurring during the first week of treatment.
7Jaw claudication.
8Temporal headache, headache, facial pain or sensation of facial swelling.
General symptoms
9Systemic symptoms, such as fever, weight loss >10% of total weight, anorexia, malaise, asthenia.
Polymyalgia rheumatica symptoms
10Persistent proximal muscle pain, tenderness or morning stiffness lasting more than one hour, involving neck, shoulders and/or pelvic girdle (duration more than two weeks).