Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics at diagnosis of the 92 PMR patients studied

Female/male (%)75/25
Age at onset of disease (y)72 (7)
Duration of disease before diagnosis (months)2.9 (1.5)
Duration of treatment (months)31 (23)
Duration of follow up (months)44 (27)
Systemic symptoms and signs (fever, anorexia, weight loss)49% (45)
Morning stiffness (min)160 (60)
Peripheral synovitis23.9% (22)
Distal swelling with pitting oedema8.7% (8)
Biopsy confirmed GCA6.5% (6)
Initial prednisone dose (mg/day)19.5 (11.0)
Cumulative prednisone dose (g)6.5 (4.8)
Cumulative prednisone dose before the first relapse/recurrence (g)* 3.6 (3.1)
ESR at diagnosis (mm/1st h)77 (29)
CRP at diagnosis (mg/dl)6.1 (4.1)
ESR <30 mm/1st h at diagnosis (%)7.6% (7)
Relapse/recurrence (%)44% (40)
  • Data are expressed as percentage or mean (SD). *The dose was computed only for the 40 patients with at least one relapse/recurrence.