Table 1

Prevalence studies of regional pain and clinical disorders in the upper limb and neck

Pain site/disorderAge groupPrevalence intervalPrevalenceStudy populationSource
Shoulder pain31–74point20%community, StockholmAllanderet al 6
working agepoint13%aeroengineering factoryDimberget al 13
middle ageone month14%community, MalmoBergenuddet al 7
Elbow pain33–39point11.6%textile workersMcCormacket al 9
working agepoint11–13%aeroengineering factoryDimberget al 13
Epicondylitisworking agepoint2 %aeroengineering factoryDimberg et al 13
31–74point2.5%community, StockholmAllanderet al 6
Epicondylitis and tenosynovitis50–70point4.7%community, SwedenJacobbson et al 8
Tenosynovitis33–39point3.5%textile workersMcCormack et al 9
Carpal tunnel syndrome25–74point0.6% (M)community, Hollandde Krom et al 14
8% (F)
Neck pain25–74point10%community, USCunninghamet al 15
33–39point4%textile workersMcCormacket al 9
working agepoint10%aeroengineering factoryDimberget al 13