Table 2

Mean change (with 95% confidence intervals) in global WOMAC pain scores, visual analogue scores for pain on walking and stairs and global WOMAC physical function scores; with corresponding between group differences and 95% confidence intervals (*p between group difference, unpaired t test)

Exercise groupControl group
Mean change95% CI% changeMean change95% CI% changeMean difference95% CI*p Value
Global pain score−1.45−2.04, −0.86−22.50.42−1.09, 0.25−6.2−1.04−1.94, −0.140.02
VAS walking−6.64−10.97, −2.31−20.90.43−3.88, 4.741.5−7.07−13.40, −0.740.03
VAS stairs−9.08−15.33, −2.84−18.61.34−3.90, 6.603.0−10.43−19.15, −1.710.02
Physical function score−3.55−5.34, −1.75−17.4−0.01−1.75, 1.720.1−3.53−6.13, −0.930.01