Table 3

Electrocardiographic and echocardiographic findings with respect to AM scintigraphic results in group 1

AM positive (n=13)AM negative (n=17)p Value
HLR2.06  (0.17)1.45  (0.18)0.000005
LVFS (%)23.2 (7.0)36.3 (5.7)0.000005
LV diastolic diameter (mm)57.2 (5.4)45.4 (5.0)0.00003
Septal thickness (mm)11.1 (2.5)9.6 (1.7)NS
Posterior wall thickness (mm)9.5 (2.7)8.7 (1.9)NS
Pericarditis2/13 (15%)2/17 (12%)NS
ECG abnormalities10/13 (77%)13/17 (76%)NS
  • HLR: heart to lung ratio. LV: left ventricular. LVFS: left ventricular fractional shortening. ECG abnormalities: electrocardiographic abnormalities. Data shown as mean (SD) and percentages.