Table 2

Characteristics of the 48 patients at entry in the study

Number of patients (female/male)48 (25/23)
Age at entry in the study (y)56.4 (14.1)
Age at onset of disease (y)51.1 (14.1)
Lequesne index8.4 (4.3)
Pain on the VAS (mm)48.2 (25.4)
Joint space width (mm)1.80 (1.04)
Body mass index25.8 (4.3)
Other OA sites involved (yes/no)24/24
Bilateral hip OA (yes/no)18/30
Current NSAIDs consumption (yes/no/NA)22/19/7
Current SYSADOA consumption (yes/no/NA)18/23/7
Hip overwork (yes/no/doubtful)14/27/7
Smoking cigarettes (yes/no)15/33
Serum COMP (μg/ml)7.7 (1.2)
Serum BSP (ng/ml)143.3 (27.3)
  • NA: not available. Data shown as numbers and mean (SD).