Table 3

Prevalence (%) of disability in the six separate functions, which constitute the locomotor disability index, in men and women according to joint status

Rising from chairIn/out bedWalkingClimbing stairsBendingIn/out car
No pain
No ROA12.712.313.315.527.312.4
 Knee ROA12.712.721.824.514.514.5
 Hip ROA16.920.522.919.315.719.3
 Knee and hip ROA18.231.827.336.413.618.2
Knee pain
No ROA23.728.823.727.122.020.3
 Knee ROA20.023.343.340.010.030.0
Hip pain
No ROA28.241.033.330.828.230.8
 Hip ROA16.738.944.438.922.250.0
No pain
No ROA13.014.414.124.516.716.8
 Knee ROA19.521.724.438.917.228.1
 Hip ROA30.126.534.948.231.339.8
 Knee and hip ROA40.027.740.055.436.958.5
Knee pain
No ROA25.427.924.635.217.225.4
 Knee ROA34.332.450.562.934.345.7
Hip pain
No ROA32.633.740.746.531.444.2
 Hip ROA58.864.755.973.564.767.6
  • No pain = no pain in any joint. No ROA = no radiological osteoarthritis in any joint. Knee ROA = radiological osteoarthritis in knees only. Hip ROA = radiological osteoarthritis in hips only. Knee and hip ROA = radiological osteoarthritis in knees and hips simultaneously. Knee pain = pain in knees only. Hip pain = pain in hips only.