Table 2

HLA incompatibility in onset pregnancies and control pregnancies

Incompatibility2-150 Onset(n=10)Control (n=85–87)OR (95% CI)
DRB1+8591.83 (0.36, 9.20)
DQA1+9468.02 (0.97, 66.06)
DQB1+9438.79 (1.07, 72.46)
  • 2-150 Incompatibility: when a child has an allele that is different from both maternal alleles. Onset pregnancy: RA developed within three months after pregnancy. Control pregnancy: pregnancies of women who did not develop RA within one year after pregnancy. In some cases it was not possible to differentiate between incompatibility and compatibility according to the HLA data and they were left out, so the number of pregnancies vary for the different class II subtypes.