Table 1

Gene products of potential use in the treatment of autoimmune diseases

Soluble CD40, CTLA4 Inhibit lymphocyte activation, may induce tolerance
Fas LInduces apoptosis in lymphocytes and other cells expressing Fas
Antibody to CD4, CD5, CD7, CD52, etc Antibody to IL2Eliminate various subsets of lymphocytes. Inhibits T cell activation
Antibody to TCR specifically present on autoreactive T cellsEliminates autoreactive T cells
IL12Inhibits Th-2 lymphocyte activity
IL10, IL4Inhibits Th-1 lymphocyte activity
IL1Ra, sIL1RI, sIL1RIIAntagonise IL1
IL4, IL10, IL13Anti-inflammatory
Antibodies to IL1, IL6, TNF, etcInhibit their cognate cytokine
Ribozymes, antisense RNA, decoy RNAModulate gene expression