Table 1

Sensitivity, specificity, and positive predictive value for severe destructive RA of five autoantibodies, inflammatory parameters (ESR, CRP), and high risk HLA alleles in two groups of RA patients

VariableSensitivitySpecificityPositive predictive
OR95% CI
RF0.690.510.582.410.99, 5.85
APF0.460.740.642.521.01, 6.28
AKA0.600.720.683.951.59, 9.75
RA 330.340.720.551.380.55, 3.45
ANA0.200.720.420.680.25, 1.84
HLA DRB1*04 or DRB1*010.900.410.606.842.07, 22.60
CRP0.910.440.568.531.68, 43.3