Table 2

Pain relief after corticosteroid hip injection related to underlying disease and radiographic features

Pain relief at 2 weeks median Pain relief at 2 weeks confidence limits p Value
 RAn=156.2−4.4 to 13.5p=0.9 NS
 OAn=276.6 1.3 to 11.8
 AS n=35.7NA
Pattern of bone response
 Atrophicn=130.9−3.3 to 6.7p=0.04*
 Mixedn=187.5 4.8 to 14.3
 Hypertrophic n=147.63.4 to 12.0
Radiographic severity (minimum joint space width)
 0–1 mmn=246.2−2.9 to 8.2p=0.77 NS
 2–3 mmn=96.00.2 to 14.3
 4–5 mmn=1210.3−9.3 to 25.7
Direction of migration of femoral head
 Superiorn=226.95.1 to 12.0p=0.37 NS
 Medial/axialn=193.3−3.3 to 11.3
  • The values are median relief of total pain at 2 weeks (confidence limits of median): a positive figure indicates reduction of pain, and a negative figure indicates an increase in pain relative to baseline. Data were analysed for differences between groups by Kruskal-Wallis or Mann-Whitney tests for non-parametric groups (NS = not significant).