Table 3

Adjusted odds ratios (OR)3-150 for the effects of cumulative smoking on RA disease severity

Smoking status (versus never smoker) OR (95% CI)
Rheumatoid factor positive Radiographicerosions Rheumatoid nodules
Never smoked1.00 (referent)1.00 (referent)1.00 (referent)
Smoking (pack years):>0–252.39 (1.36,4.20)1.10 (0.62,1.47)1.65 (0.93,2.92)
≥253.06 (1.67,5.59)2.37 (1.23,4.56)1.25 (0.70,2.22)
  • 3-150 Adjusted for age, sex, body mass index, education level, marital status, companionship, and/or income level (if relevant based on univariate associations). c statistic=0.668, goodness of fit statistic p=0.437. c statistic=0.624, goodness of fit statistic p=0.964.