Table 2

Radiological, bone scintigraphic, tomographic, and MRI features

Patient Spinal radiography Bone scintigraphy Computed tomography Magnetic resonance imaging
1Spondylodiscitis T7-T8T7-T8 Increased uptakeNDT1: Decreased signal T6,T7,T8
T1 + gado: increased signal T6,T7,T8
2Spondylodiscitis L1-L2 Spondylodiscitis T9-T10T9-T10 Increased uptakeErosions in T10ND
3Spondylodiscitis C6-C7-T1 then C5-C6-C7-T1C6-C7-T1 Increased uptakeNDT1: Decreased signal C7-T2: Increased signal C5,C6 + disc spaces C6-C7,C7-T1
4Spondylodiscitis L4-L5L4-L5 Increased uptakeErosions in L4 and L5T1 and T2: Spondylodiscitis sequelae. No increased signal
5Spondylodiscitis T8-T9T8-T9 Increased uptakeErosions in T8 and T9ND
6Spondylitis L3,L4,L5L3,L4,L5 Increased uptakeSclerotic remodelling in L3,L4,L5ND
7Spondylodiscitis T9-T10T6-T7 and T9-T10 Increased uptakeNDND
8Spondylodiscitis T6-T7 L4-L5T6-T7 and L4-L5 Increased uptakeErosions in L4-L5T1 and T2: Spondylodiscitis sequelae. No enhanced signal
  • ND, not determined; gado, gadolinium