Table 1

Disease characteristics of RA study subjects (n=336)

Patient details
 Sex (% female)70.2
 Age (mean (SD))57.3  (13.5)
 Race (% White)98.0
 Current ACR criteria for RA (%)61.0
 Cigarette smoking (%)Current11.6
RA activity (mean (SD))
 Joint countSwollen (0–66)7.7 (7.6)
Tender (0–69)10.1 (12.9)
 Morning stiffness (h)1.6 (3.4)
 HAQ DI (0–3)1.0 (0.70)
 Pain by VAS (0–100)37.6 (25.4)
 Patient global severity by VAS (0–100)35.5 (23.3)
 Physician global severity by VAS (0–100)25.1 (22.0)
 ESR (mm 1st h)36.0 (26.0)
RA severity (%, unless otherwise indicated)
 Radiographic bone erosions71.7
 Rheumatoid factor positive63.4
 Rheumatoid nodules34.2
 Mean (SD) disease duration (y)13.9 (11.2)
 Previous joint surgery51.5
Current medication use (%)
 Second line drugs61.9
  • RA=Rheumatoid arthritis; ACR=American College of Rheumatology; HAQ DI=Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index; VAS=Visual Analogue Scale; ESR=erythrocyte sedimentation rate.