Table 1

Clinical features and HLA B antigens

Patient Sex Age (years) Cutaneous lesion Location of back pain Clinical measures Other bone and/or joint involvement HLA B antigens
1F67Palmoplantar pustulosisThoracicChest expansion: + 4 cmSternoclavicular and interphalangeal joint arthritisB7, B35
2M18Pustular psoriasisThoracic and lumbarSchober’s score: + 1 cmKnee and sternoclavicular arthritisB8, B−
3F56Psoriasis vulgarisCervicalCervical spine range of movement: limited in all range of motionNoneB8, B18
4F64Palmoplantar pustulosisLumbarSchober’s score: + 0 cmNoneB5, B−
5M64Palmoplantar pustulosisThoracicChest expansion: + 4 cmNoneB8, B12
6F57NoneLumbar and sacralSchober’s score: 0 cmSacroiliac jointsB39, B44
7F15Palmoplantar pustulosisThoracicChest expansion: + 4 cmSternocosto-clavicular hyperostosis and tibial osteomyelitisB8, B−
8F56Palmoplantar pustulosisThoracicSchober’s score: + 3 cmSternocosto-clavicular arthritisB5, B14
  • F, female; M, male