Table 3

Associations between ocular and oral symptoms and the respective objective test results

Abnormal Schirmer-1 test?
YesNoPPV3-150NPV3-150LR (95% CI)3-151
+ve Ocular symptoms?
 No51175(0.7, 1.7)
+ve Ocular and oral symptoms?
 No57197(0.7, 2.3)
Abnormal unstimulated saliva flow rate?
+ve Oral symptoms?
 No55177(1.3, 2.5)
+ve Ocular and oral symptoms?
 No68207(1.7, 4.6)
  • 3-150 PPV, positive predictive value, NPV, negative predictive value.

  • 3-151 , LR (95% CI)=likelihood ratio (95% confidence intervals).