Table 1

Pearson correlation of tender point count with clinical severity and distress variables

Tender point count Dolorimetry score
Tender point count1.000
Rheumatology distress index0.550−0.288*
Dolorimetry score−0.5221.000*
Fatigue scale0.479−0.231*
Anxiety index0.458−0.236*
Sleep disturbance scale0.411−0.234*
Pain scale0.404−0.253*
Global severity0.399−0.231*
Depression index0.396−0.182*
HAQ disability index0.309−0.301
  • All correlation coefficients are significant at p < 0.001. *Indicates that the correlation coefficients for tender point count and dolorimetry score with the variable in the first column are different at the 0.05 level.