Table 1

Histopathological and histochemical scoring

A Histopathological-histochemical scoring parameters:Score (12)
Normal cellularity0
<10 % of acellular cartilage1
10–50% of acellular cartilage2
>50% of acellular cartilage3
2Loss of matrix (erosion of the articular cartilage)
No loss0
<10% of eroded regions1
10–25% of eroded regions2
>25% of eroded regions3
3Clustering of chondrocytes (propagating cells in groups)
No clustering0
<10% of chondrocytes in clusters1
10–25% of chondrocytes in clusters2
>25% of chondrocytes in clusters3
4Adhesions (pannus)
No adhesions0
Covering only the margins of cartilage1
Covering<50% of articular surface2
Covering >50% of articular surface3
51-150 Orthochromasia with Alcian blue
Slight and patchy loss of staining (×1–2)1
Moderate loss (×2–3)2
Severe loss (×4–5)3
6Significance of synovitis reflected by inflammation of synovial membrane
Normal synovia0
Mild cellular infiltration of synovia1
Moderate cellular infiltration of synovia2
Severe cellular infiltration of synovia3
B Additional histopathological cartilage scoring:
1Vascular elements crossing of cartilage-subchondral bone tidemark
2Height of articular cartilage zone
3Enchondral bone marrow cavities
  • 1-150 Alcian blue was used for staining acid mucopolysaccharides instead of Safranin-O in Salter’s study.