Table 3

Number of lacunar resorption pits formed on dentine slices after 14 day incubation in OA derived macrophage/UMR 106 co-cultures (with added 1,25(OH)2D3) in the presence or the absence of recombinant human M-CSF. The mean number of resorption pits for each case is shown in parentheses and the p value for the Student’s t test is also given

OA case no No of lacunar pits
(No M-CSF)
No of lacunar pits
(Plus M-CSF)
p Value
10,0,0 (0)108,78,95 (94)0.00042
224,15,44 (28)49,68,92 (70)0.0498
317,12,13 (14)48,120,123 (97)0.027
410,2,1 (4)55,76,23 (51)0.039