Table 1

Total clinical activity index (the index for the individual patient is the numerical sum of clinical features)

 0 normal
 1 cells in vitreous and/or anterior chamber only
 2 vision 50%
 3 vision 30%
 4 able to see few feet
 5 blind
 1 aphthae
 1 erythema nodosum
 1 genital ulceration
Vascular involvement
 1 unilateral calf vein thrombosis (cvt) and/or superficial  thrombophlebitis (tb)
 2 bilateral cvt and/or tb
 3 cvt and/or tb requiring bed rest
 4 thrombosis of vena cava superior (vcs) or vena cava  inferior (vci)
 5 thrombosis of vcs and vci and/or arterial occlusion
 1 for each joint
Neurological involvement
 2 intracranial hypertension
 4 multiple sclerosis like syndrome
 5 pyramidal and/or cerebellar involvement