Table 1

Values of the core set variables in the 111 patients with JCA at the beginning and after six months of MTX treatment

BaselineAfter six months
MD global (no of patients)
 class 1031
 class 2039
 class 33624
 class 4508
 class 5259
Parent global (no of patients)1-150
Functional ability (mean (SD))0.7 (0.7)0.3 (0.5)
No of joints with LROM (mean (SD))14 (12)10 (12)
No of joints with active arthritis (mean (SD))15 (11)10 (10)
ESR (mm 1st h) (mean (SD))58 (30)35 (28)
  • 1-150 Parent global assessment of overall well being was not quantified at baseline (see text for explanation). LROM: limited range of motion; ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate.