Table 1

Biochemical data in patient with GS at diagnosis, and normal values

Plasma renin activity (ng/ml/h)3.230.2–2.8
Plasma aldosterone (pg/ml)209.27.5–150
Serum bicarbonate (mmol/l)3322–28
Serum creatinine (μmol/l)6235–106
Serum sodium (mmol/l)138137–148
Serum chloride (mmol/l)9895–109
Serum potassium (mmol/l)3.33.8–5
Serum magnesium (mmol/l)0.540.74–1.07
Serum calcium (mmol/l)2.52.15–2.75
Serum phosphate (mmol/l)1.20.87–1.45
FENa+(%)1-150 1.490.5–1.45
Urine sodium (mmol/24 h)369<250
FECl (%)1-150 1.670.7–1.7
Urine chloride (mmol/24 h)306110–250
FEK+(%)1-150 18.7<12
Urine potassium (mmol/24 h)9425–100
FEMg++ (%)1-150 13.6<4
Urine magnesium (mmol/24 h)16.2<1.2
Urine calcium (mmol/24 h)0.632.5–7.5
Molar urinary calcium/creatinine0.020.16–0.6
  • 1-150 FE: fractional excretion. FE = urine electrolyte concentrations×plasma creatinine concentrations/plasma electrolyte concentrations×urine creatinine concentrations.