Table 1

Proposed classification criteria for the idiopathic arthritides of childhood (abbreviated from reference6)

  • 1-a Disease course (may be obscured by treatment) (i) single episode in remission for at least two years, (ii) persistent arthritis but no systemic features for more than six months, (iii) persistent arthritis and persistent systemic arthritis for more than 6 months, (iv) relapsing disease before the 16th birthday, (v) relapsing disease after the 16th birthday, (vi) others

  • 1-b Neonatal onset multisystem inflammatory disease

  • 1-c Including familial Mediterranean fever, hyper-IgD syndrome, FAPA (fever, aphthous ulceration, pharyngitis, adenopathy).

  • 1-d Oligoarthritis or polyarthritis