Table 2

Results of methotrexate treatment in patients with adult onset Still’s disease

Patient Response Duration to response or adverse reaction (weeks) Maximum dose of methotrexate (mg/week) Total dose of methotrexate (mg) Adverse reactions Dose of PSL (mg/d) or DS (mg/d)
Before MTX After MTX
1Remission 310 15PSL 200
2Remission 8 5  40PSL1010
3Remission 820120PSL1612.5
4Remission 9 7.5 42.5DS 75DS 75
6Remission12 7.5 90DS 750
7Remission1615180DS 750
8Remission+AR1620200Moderate liver dysfunctionDS 750
9Ineffective12 7.5 75DS 75PSL pulse
10Ineffective+AR16 5 40NauseaPSL 20PSL 30
11Ineffective+AR1610100Mild liver dysfunctionPSL 11PSL 15
12Ineffective+AR1615195Acute interstitial pneumoniaDS 75PSL pulse
13AR 2 5 10Severe nausea, appetite lossPSL 10PSL 15
  • AR, adverse reactions; PSL, prednisolone; DS, diclofenac sodium.