Table 2

Expression of different dentritic cell markers by follicular dendritic cells (FDC) in labial salivary glands (LSG) of patients with Sjogren syndrome and tonsillar lymphoid follicles

Marker FDC, LSG, Sjogren syndrome FDC, tonsils
CD35 (DRC1)++++++
CD29 (VLA-β)++++++
CD49b (VLA-2α)Negative+
CD49c (VLA-3α)Negative+
CD11c (p150.95)++++
CD11b (C3biR)(−/+)++
VCAM-1 (CD106)+→+++→++
Class I MHC++
Class II MHC (DR)++++
CD54 (ICAM-1)++++++
  • Grades: Negative, not detectable; +/−, detectable on few cells with dendritic cell morphology; +, detectable on a proportion of dendritic cells; ++, detectable on the majority (≥ 50%) of follicular dendritic cells; +++, detectable on almost all follicular dendritic cells.