Table 1

Mouse monoclonal antibodies used in this study

Antigen/specificity Clone Ig chain Supplier Concentration
Dendritic cell markers:
 CD35 (CR1, DRC-1)Ber-MAC-DRCIgGDako1/50
 CD29 (β1)4B4LDC9LDH8IgG1Coulter1/50
 CD49b (α2, VLA-2 α)P1E6IgG1Dako1/50
 CD49c (α3, VLA-3 α)P1B5IgG1Dako1/50
 CD18 (β2 integrin)MHM23IgG1Dako1/50
 CD11a (αL, LFA-1 α)MHM24IgG1Dako1/50
 CD11b (αM, C3biR α)2LPM19cIgG1Dako1/50
 CD11c (αX, p150.95)SHCL3IgG2bDako1/50
 VCAM-1 (CD106)1G11IgG1Immunotech1/50
 VCAM-1 (SD106)2G7IgG1Otsuka Pharmaceutical1/100
 Class II-MHC(HLA-DR)L243IgG2aBecton Dickinson1/20
 Class I-MHCW6/32IgG2Dako1/50
 ICAM-1 (CD54)LB-2IgG2bBecton Dickinson1/20
  • DRC-1, dendritic reticulum cell-1 marker (CD35); CD35 (CR-1), complement-3 receptor-1; CD11b (CR-3), complement-3 receptor-3; α2, α3: integrins of β1 integrin family; αX, αM: integrins of β2 family; VCAM-1, vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (CD106).